annual meetings 

newsBoth our churches will be holding their Annual Meeting towards the end of April, immediately after a shortened Sunday morning service, in the church.

  • All Saints’ Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday 23 April at 10.20am.

  • St Matthew’s Annual Meeting will be on Sunday 30 April at 11.50am.


There are three particular aspects of this meeting to which I would like to draw your attention:
1. Your chance to ask questions about any aspect of church life
Please do take the opportunity at the meeting to make any comments or suggestions or to ask any questions you have about any aspect of church life.   Feel free to submit a question to me in advance or simply raise any issue in person at the meeting.  To save time at the meeting, during Sunday services in the weeks preceding the Annual Meeting, there will be presentations about church finance (9 April) and about our church building (this was on 19 March).  Please be thinking of comments or questions when you are reading/listening to these.  There are also papers to read before the Annual Meeting – in particular the Annual Report – and again please think of any comments or questions arising from these and bring them to the meeting.
2. Your chance to hear and discuss key aspects of church life
At the Annual Meeting, I will be reviewing progress with the implementation of our church vision.  The PCC would really like to hear what other church members think about this, or any other aspects of church life, so please come along to make comments and ask questions at the meeting.
3. Election of Churchwardens, Deanery Synod members and PCC members
At the Annual Meeting we have to elect Churchwardens, Deanery Synod members, and other PCC members.

  • Our Churchwardens are responsible for our church buildings and their contents, and the smooth running of services.
  • The Deanery Synod is where representatives from other C of E churches in our local area meet to discuss common issues and to make decisions together. 
  • The PCC is a bit like the ‘School Governors’ or ‘Board Members’ for the church, and work with the Rector to ‘promote in the parish the whole mission of the Church’.  Being on the PCC is a great opportunity to contribute to decisions about our church and its work.

It is important that we have a healthy number of Deanery Synod and PCC members with a range of gifts and experience, so please think seriously about whether you could serve in this way, and/or if you can encourage others to do so.  If you are interested in this and feel that God might be calling you to get involved, please have a word with me or a PCC member.
To help you decide if you would like to be nominated, job descriptions can be found on the church website under About Us/Leadership.
Nomination forms for these vacancies are available in the church building and should be returned to me or your PCC Secretary, before the start of the Annual Meeting.   The All Saints’ PCC Secretary is Carol Pigott.  The St Matthew’s PCC Secretary is Jane Woolley.
In readiness for the annual meeting, electronic copies of the annual report, the minutes of last year’s meeting, the financial statements/accounts and the agenda are now available here. For those who need paper copies, these are available in the church building.
Please be thinking and praying about these meetings and about the nominations for these important roles.
Revd Dr Jonathan Mobey