warm the heart


Revd Jimmy & Sarah Hinton lead St Stephen's church in Bradford. They minister in one of the most deprived parishes in the country - ranked 159 most deprived out of 12,599 i.e. in the poorest 2%. (By comparison, All Saints', Chilton is 11,536th i.e. in the most affluent 10%).

warm the heartThey have been ministering there for 12 years and have radically transformed this once ailing congregation & it's dilapidated building into a thriving Church.

They are currently on an urgent mission to raise £60,000 before the end of the month in order to secure some essential work to St Stephen's.  As part of this they are cycling - on a tandem - from St Stephen's in Ambridge (...of The Archers), to St Stephen's in Bradford, via St Stephen's in Westminster (...i.e. Parliament!) and stopping at St Matthew's (Harwell!) en-route. Please go to www.warmtheheart.co.uk to hear more about their mission.  Or if you'd like to meet them in person, they'll be visitng us on Tuesday 16th May - just contact Peter for more details.