Duties of PCC members

What is the PCC?

The Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) are responsible for supporting the Rector in the running and management of the parishes of Harwell and Chilton. Their primary function is stated as ‘promoting in the parish the whole mission of the Church’.

Who is on the PCC?

St Matthew’s and All Saints’ PCCs each consist of up to 12 elected lay members. The following other people are also automatically on the relevant PCC by virtue of their office, namely:

  • The clergy of the parish

  • Those elected to represent St Matthew’s/All Saints’ on the Deanery Synod

  • The Churchwardens

How are PCC lay members elected?

An Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) is usually held in April, and appoints the Churchwardens for the next year and the members of the PCC for a three year term.

To be eligible to serve on the PCC you have to:

  • Be aged 16+

  • Have received communion in the Church of England at least three times in the last 12 months

  • Have been on the church electoral roll for at least six months (unless you are under 18)

What do PCC members do?

PCC members have significant responsibility for the local mission of the Church, contributing to decisions about its strategic direction and use of resources.

PCCs are charities and so PCC members are also charity trustees.  They therefore have to accept ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of their PCC, ensuring that it is financially solvent and well-run, and delivering its charitable outcomes.  Further information on the responsibilities and duties of PCC members in these respects is in the leaflet “Trusteeship – An Introduction or PCC Members”, a copy of which is found here.

PCC members generally also serve on a PCC sub-committee. These sub-committees typically meet once a quarter.

The official Church of England description of a PCC and its members can be found in The Church Representation Rules 2011 at http://bit.ly/ZZfgKp.

How often does the PCC meet?

St Matthew’s/All Saints’ PCCs currently meet individually five times a year, plus they meet a further four times a year as a combined group (the ‘Combined PCC’). There are therefore nine meetings a year and no meetings in December and August. April is taken up by the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. The meetings are held on a Tuesday evening at one or other church and are usually 7.30pm-10pm.

What happens at the meetings?

The agenda and meeting papers are circulated about a week in advance. The meeting is chaired either by the Rector or the PCC vice-chair. The topics on the agenda are discussed and votes taken where formal decisions are required. Meeting minutes are taken and circulated by the PCC Secretary.