Parochial Church Council

The PCCs are responsible for "co-operating with the Rector in promoting the whole mission of the church" and for the resources that enable this to happen (e.g. finances and buildings). They are also responsible for areas like Safeguarding and Health and Safety, and for liaising with the 'higher councils' of the Church of England.

PCCs and Churchwardens are elected at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting by and from those on the church electoral roll. In addition to the Rector (who is also Chair of the PCCs), the Associate Minister, and the Assistant Minister the following are members of the PCCs for All Saints' Chilton and St Matthew's Harwell.


  All Saints'  


St Matthew's

Hazel King   Peter Barclay-Watt
Hazel Benton               Peter Barclay-Watt, Treasurer
Helen Brook   Jean Barton
Helen Brook   Jean Barton
Phil Corbishley   Lizzi Bowermana
Phil Corbishley              Lizi Bowerman
In her spare time Lizi loves having fun with her daughter Ealish and can often be found walking the dogs or competing in Dog Agility!
Stuart Gibson      Hazel Connolly
Stuart Gibson, Treasurer   Hazel Connelly
Steve Hale   Sid Gale
Steven Hale   Sid Gale
Carina Lobley   PCC Heads 178-1
Carina Lobley
Carina is a scientist working at Diamond Light Source. She is Tower Captain of the Chilton Bell Tower and plays Tuba in the Benefice Brass Group. Currently she is exploring the relationship between Science and Faith along with a group from All Saints' and St Matthew's.
  Martin Gibson
Liz Morris   Gordon Gill
Liz Morris, Vice-Chair   Gordon Gill
Gordon is a Director of the lead Christian Mission Agency in the UK supporting people with learning disabilities. Gordon is Lay Chair of the Wallingford Deanery, a member of the Diocese of Oxford Synod and Dorchester Archdeaconry Mission and Pastoral Committee.
Carol Piggot   Tony Hughes
Carol Pigott, Secretary
Carol plays the organ, cleans the brass, and helps run the Art group for church. Carol is also one of our CAP money coaches, which she finds challenging, and quite inspiring! At home Carol teaches piano as well as being involved with her family (3 children, 7 grandchildren).!
             Tony Hughes, Vice-Chair
Tony is Chairman of the PCC Buildings Committee. He also organises and plays cornet in the Church Orchestra and in the Brass Group.
John Piggott   Becca Lewis
John Pigott             Rebecca Lewis
Alex Reich   Andrew Keene
Alex Reich, Church Warden               Andrew Keene
Yvonne Sanderson   Tim Paget
Yvonne Sanderson, Church Warden   Tim Paget, Church Warden
    Frances Taylor
    Frances Taylor
    PCC Heads 178-1 1
    Michelle Walker
    Christina Wood
    Christina Wood, Church Warden
    Jane Wooley
    Jane Woolley, Secretary
I combine a busy family life with being self-employed.  My husband and I have 3 sons.  The male members of my household are all big football fans - both playing and watching.  I prefer books!

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