A world-changing Event

Easter card 2017There have been a fair number of events in the last year that people have described as ‘world changing’. A referendum result, the election of a leader, landmark legislation, a scientific discovery, a technological breakthrough. But do any of these things really change anything? Are they not just tinkering around the edges of human experience? Still people are born and die, humans achieve remarkable things and do appalling things in almost equal measure, and we all ultimately succumb to disease and death.
The world changing event marked at Easter is centred around a three-day period about 2000 years ago during which a man died at the hands of the brutal Roman empire but now, as his followers then and many millions since have claimed, is alive again. The claim is that he was not just resuscitated but resurrected, and that it was not an isolated incident, but the beginning of a new humanity and a whole new world. If it really happened, this is the only event that really qualifies as ‘world-changing’.
You are warmly invited to explore and celebrate its significance this Easter.
With Easter greetings,

Revd Dr Jonathan Mobey
Rector of Harwell with Chilton
April 2017