st Matthew's tower 

St Matthews tower worksYou may have noticed that the tower has been embraced by scaffolding. This is because about a year ago it was noticed that some of the rendering on the west wall (the one with the clock) was beginning to detach, so it needed investigation and repair. It took quite a long time to organise and get approval for this work, and once it was underway removal of the rendering exposed the need for more repairs to the underlying stonework than we could have anticipated. Until this was done bell ringing was curtailed as a precaution against further damage. The tower was built almost 800 years ago, so it is not surprising that it needs occasional ‘TLC’. The weather has now become unsuitable for completing the rendering, so the scaffolding has been taken down and will go up again in the Spring for the work to be completed.
The extra work will not only take longer than we hoped, but also cost more than the £14,500 we were expecting. Every year villagers have been invited to put £2 coins in the church wall safe if they enjoy the Christmas lights, to help pay for the cost. If you can add something towards the cost of the repairs this year that would be a great help. Any donation, large or small would be much appreciated, either put in the wall safe inside the church or, if you need more information, contact Vicky in the church office on 01235 834256, or the church bookkeeper Nick Clarke.