november pcc meetings 

meetingWhat have our church councils (PCCs) been doing? Last month we reported on the Combined PCC meetings held in July and October 2019. This month we report on the individual PCC meetings (meaning individual to St Matthew’s, Harwell or to All Saints’, Chilton) held in November.  The remit of the individual PCCs is primarily to do with the finances and the buildings of that specific church. At every individual PCC meeting, PCC members receive updates on the finances and also on various issues related to the buildings.

Highlights from the PCC meetings on 5 November 2019:

St Matthew’s

We formally approved the distribution of the world missions budget to various partner organisations and individuals
We formally approved the appointment of the members of the Finance Committee
Subject to permissions, we agreed to the installation of a rope handrail for the tower staircase to improve access and safety up to the ringing chamber. The bell ringers are paying for this.
Subject to permissions, we agreed to replace the north aisle roof (which has had almost all its lead stolen recently) with coated steel and at the same time to replace the felt roof on the church extension also with coated steel. The total cost not covered by insurance is likely to be £22.5k.

All Saints’

We asked the Fabric Committee to continue to develop plans for an access ramp inside the main entrance of the church
We agreed to reduce mission giving from 15% to 10% of unrestricted income from the previous year
We formally approved the appointment of Andy Wells as Health & Safety Officer