Church council news 

meetingWhat have our church councils (PCCs) been doing?

In November we reported on the individual PCC meetings (meaning individual to St Matthew’s, Harwell or to All Saints’, Chilton).
This month we report on the Combined PCC - which means the PCC of both churches in the benefice combined. This body meets 4 times a year – in addition to meetings of the individual PCCs. Its remit is the strategic issues common to both churches.
At every Combined PCC meeting, PCC members receive updates from the work being undertaken at a benefice level to achieve our aim of ‘growing God’s church wider, deeper and closer’ e.g. children & families work; youth work; home groups; Alpha course; Christians Against Poverty (CAP) involvement; world missions support; social events programme; pastoral care; worship services; etc.
We also receive updates on the people and systems ‘infrastructure’ which helps to deliver the above activities, and on areas of legal responsibility, e.g. staffing and leadership; safeguarding; data protection; communications; etc.
Highlights from the Combined PCC meeting on 7 January 2020:

· We decided it was important to involve the wider church membership early on in thinking through the vision and strategy for our benefice. We decided how and when we would do this
· We agreed an outline fundraising strategy for 2020
· We agreed the process by which we would recruit someone to cover the maternity leave for the Church Administrator