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Dear Church member

resurrection runAnd still it continues! We have for over six weeks been living life differently, being Church differently. Many things are uncertain: how much longer lockdown will continue, if/when a vaccine will be developed, who will catch the virus and when. But many things are certain: tomorrow will be Saturday, Earth continues to orbit the sun, and - as we continue to remember and celebrate in this Easter season and in our online services - Jesus is alive! And even though we cannot meet, the Church is alive and active, too.

guzman'The Church' will be the theme of our services and sermons as we begin to look together at the Book of Acts. The early Church did not have buildings to meet in (neither did it have Zoom!), but the Church both then and now is the Body of Christ, united and empowered by the Spirit of Christ to do the mission of Christ in the world. Do check out our online Sunday services as we explore and celebrate being God's Church even when we can't 'go to church'.

John 21 Lakeside BreakfastOn the subject of the online services (available via the website on Sundays from 9am), could I please ask for feedback (to me or Deborah in the office) on the services so far, and how we might build on what is working well and what could be done better? We are learning as we go, and it would be good to hear of people's ideas and experiences to date.

alphalogoTo supplement our online services, we are planning a live online weekday evening gathering. One option is the Alpha Course, which has video input and discussion. There are other options of courses that we could run. Please let me know if you might like to take part in something like this. Now is a good time to explore and go deeper into the Christian faith.

johnstonsDuring this time of physical separation, we thought it would be a good idea to be able to share some news and views via the church email bulletin/website. A 'starter for ten' is the lovely news of the arrival of Ruth Alice to Vicky and Phill Johnston, born at home on Wednesday 22nd April weighing 8lb 5oz, a sister to Mark and Toby. Do send any items you might like to share to Deborah.

veCommunity engagement and service continues with Chilton Mutual Support Group and Harwell Helpers, alongside other neighbourly acts and pastoral care. Do please make the most of VE day today (Friday 8th May) to engage with our village communities (as far as possible following 'social distancing' requirements) - one idea attached, links to creative activities here and here - and keep praying for friends, family, neighbours, key-workers, and government.

The Church exists to glorify Jesus and bless God's world; may this collaboration by 65 churches be an encouragement to you to continue to pray and work for the Kingdom of God during lockdown and beyond.

Yours, in Christ,

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Revd Dr Jonathan Mobey
Rector of Harwell with Chilton

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