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Dear Church member

Sunday services and groups tomorrow (15th March) are continuing in Harwell and Chilton at the usual times, with a few modifications. Please see http://HCChurches.org/coronavirus for the latest on our response to the evolving situation. We are planning to keep this page - and the linked pages - updated.

I thought it would be good to share the following from Olivia Graham, Bishop of Reading

Each day, global concern about the COVID-19 virus increases – for good reason. We know that it is very contagious, that it is a new virus which we don’t have inbuilt immunity to, and that it can have very serious consequences for those who are elderly or physically vulnerable. We are sensibly planning for the worst, while working for the best. While thinking about what we should do (or not do), here are some thoughts about how we should be:
  • Calm: the opposite will lead us to do things which might impact seriously on others – like panic buying,
  • Caring: those who self-isolate (those in high-risk groups, or who have been in contact with the virus) need to know that we care about them. Phone calls, messages, letters, cards, food left on the doorstep are all signs that we care.
  • Considerate: let’s look out for one another, and act collectively to prevent the spread. It isn’t just about me, it’s about us.
  • And of course, Christ-like: let’s live hopefully, love generously and pray earnestly – and let’s bless each other by the way we behave.

Yours, in Christ,

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Revd Dr Jonathan Mobey
Rector of Harwell with Chilton

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