Electoral Roll and Annual Meeting 

The Electoral Rolls for St Matthew’s Harwell and All Saints’ Chilton are being revised in the period Saturday 8 August to Wednesday 9 September inclusive. The Electoral Roll is your Parish Church’s Register of Electors, the list of those qualified to vote at the Church Annual General Meeting at which the Parochial Church Council and Deanery Synod representatives are elected. You need to be on the Electoral Roll for at least 6 months to be a PCC member. If you are already on the Electoral Roll you do not need to re-register.
The electoral roll revision period has to take place in the run up to our churches’ annual meetings. We originally started this process in March but had to cut it short when the church annual meetings set for April were cancelled due to lockdown. The annual meetings have now been rescheduled for October (see more on this below).
An electronic copy of the Electoral Roll application form (form E2) may be downloaded from the church website (here for *.doc, here for *.pdf) or obtained by contacting the Church Office at office@harwellandchiltonchurches.org.uk or 01235 834256. Alternatively, you can pick up a paper copy of the form from the font near the main door of either St Matthew’s or All Saints’ Church.
You should return your completed form for St Matthew’s, Harwell to Mike Pepper at 10 Jennings Lane, Harwell OX11 0EP and for All Saints’, Chilton to Carol Pigott at 18 Latton Close, Chilton OX11 0SU. The deadline in both cases is no later than Wednesday 9 September.

Why be on the church Electoral Roll?

Being on the Electoral Roll gives you the opportunity to have your say. It is a key part of the church’s system of democracy. It gives you a vote at the church Annual Meeting. It also means that you can be elected to the church council (the “PCC”) or nominate others to be elected to it.
The PCC is the key decision-making body of our churches. By law, we need a healthy number of elected ordinary PCC members to balance out the benefice-licensed clergy-people who are automatically on it! As the saying goes: if not you, then who?
The Electoral Roll also gives a crude indication of church membership. The more members we have, the more say we get at the regional decision-making bodies called the Deanery & Diocesan Synod.

If you are a committed member of our congregations, please consider adding your name to the Electoral Roll. Those aged 16-17 are eligible as well as adults.

Annual Meetings

The St Matthew’s Annual Meeting will be on Wednesday 7 October at 7.30pm. The All Saints’ Annual Meeting will be on Thursday 8 October at 7.30pm. Both meetings will be held by video conference but with the option of attending in person at the relevant church building if you wish.  Please contact the Church Office (see details above) nearer the time for a link to join the video conference and for access to electronic or paper copies of the meeting agenda and papers.