Service Teams

Dear Church family,

teamAs you will know, our churches have now fully reopened with a new pattern of services (see below to check the details). For the time being, we will also be continuing with online services for those who would prefer not to gather in church yet.

For the services to run smoothly, we need to arrange rotas for:

  • sidesmen/women (to help prepare the church, then to welcome worshippers)
  • sound and vision (NB - this will mostly be for the sound only at morning services, and for projection in the evening)
  • readers (usually one or two lessons from the Bible, both for in church and online services)
  • people to lead prayers and intercessions (around 4-5 minutes, both for in church and online services)
  • coffee (preparing, serving, clearing)
  • communion assistants (approved by the PCC)

A few people who were previously on these rotas have already contacted us to say they are unable to continue for now, which we totally understand, but this means we are a bit stretched on some rotas. Before the first lockdown, we had very many willing volunteers to cover these duties, and we are hoping that if you were on the rota before, you will be willing to continue on the same rotas (unless you have already told us that you are unable to), and/or to take up new duties. It would be lovely if more people could come forward to volunteer so that the responsibility doesn't rest with the same few people. If you are able to help, please do contact us; full instruction will be given as required!

Please can you let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in volunteering, with your preferred rotas and also any dates you will be unavailable, so that we can arrange rotas for the coming weeks. Over the next few days, we shall be arranging these and shall let you know when you will be on duty. For St Matthew’s services, please respond to Eliza, and for All Saints' to Yvonne.

Thank you to all who serve in our services; we are excited to be opening up again after many months of lockdown, and expectant of God's blessing as we recommence our regular worship and seek to serve Him and reach out to our friends and neighbours in our two villages.

With best wishes,

Yvonne and Eliza

SUNDAY SERVICE PATTERN (for full details see website or the Broadsheet)

  • 9:30 am Morning Worship / Holy Communion All Saints'
  • 10:00 am Interactive Service St Matthew’s
  • 10:30 am Pebbles Family Service (2nd Sundays only) Chilton Village Hall
  • 11:30 am Morning Worship / Holy Communion St Matthew’s
  • 6:00 pm Evening Prayer / Holy Communion St Matthew’s