If you are at secondary school these are the sessions designed just for you.

We meet weekly during term-time. You'll relax with your friends, compete in the games, laugh at our ridiculous challenges and eat pizza*.  Then there's time to explore issues about our life & faith in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Through videos, through interviewing guests and through discussions we focus on subjects which are important and relevant to you. We also organise trips to Christian youth events, services and weekends away.

* - It's normally pizza, but we reserve the right to serve other delicious (and probably not very wholesome) food!

Our programme has two streams: MAINstream and UPstream. Here's how to work out which one you belong to:

two streams timetable

St Matthew's Hall is just up the road from St Matthew's - The Park, OX11 0HB (where the Scouts meet). The lounge is in St Matthew's annex - just go right through the back of the main building.

We'd love to see you. Just turn up at the right time & place (bringing a completed one of these with you). We might even be able to help with transport if that's an issue. If you need any other info or have any questions then please contact Peter Shields or submit a comment below. We'll get back to you.

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