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The Lord's Prayer
Part two of two.
Jan Radford, 06/05/2018
The Lord's Prayer
Part one of two.
Alex Reich, 29/04/2018
Jesus' teaching on prayer
Alex looks at Jesus' teaching on prayer.
Alex Reich, 24/07/2016
The power of prayer
Jean reflects on Acts chapter 16 verses 16-34 and the power of prayer,
Jean Barton, 08/05/2016
Prayer from our side
In the sixth sermon in the sermon series on prayer Peter looks at three enemies of prayer; the enemy within (the flesh); the enemy without (the world); the enemy below (the devil) and explains how scripture can come to our aid in dealing with all three.
Peter Barton, 20/10/2013
God's Fellow Workers
Continuing with the subject of prayer Alex explains how in prayer, we become God's fellow workers and how God lovingly includes us in His plan to save His people.
Alex Reich, 13/10/2013
How to Pray
In the fourth sermon in the sermon series on prayer Kate explores how we should pray and looks at the Lord's Prayer, the prayer Jesus taught His disciples to pray in Matthew 6.
Kate Evans, 29/09/2013
What use is talking to God?
In the third sermon in the sermon series on prayer Jonathan considers the question, what is the point of prayer? In prayer, we grasp hold of the blessings God offers; we give thanks for His blessings; we grow and persevere.
Jonathan Mobey, 22/09/2013
The Essence of Prayer
In the second sermon in the sermon series on prayer Jonathan considers the question, what is prayer? Prayer is talking with God, our heavenly Father, through the Son, in the Spirit.
Jonathan Mobey, 15/09/2013
Prayer - God and Us
In the first sermon in a new sermon series on prayer Pam looks at the nature of God and how we should approach Him in prayer.
Pam Rolls, 08/09/2013
Daniel's Prayer
In the final sermon in the series on the book of Daniel Alex considers Daniel's prayer in chapter 9 and what we can learn from it.
Alex Reich, 25/08/2013