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Fit for Work
This is the last of the three sermons on the book of Haggai. Jonathan explains that the people were spiritually and morally sick due to unconfessed sin, making it impossible for them to do God's work. If they confessed their sins God promised to bless them. With our sins confessed to God and forgiven by Him we too shall find that our work for God will flourish because He will bless it.
Jonathan Mobey, 26/01/2014
Look Ahead in Faith Believing in God's Promises
In the second sermon in the three sermon series on the book of Haggai the work of rebuilding the temple had stalled because the people were looking back to the past. Jonathan encourages us not to look back but to look ahead in faith and fix ours eyes on the goal, God's Kingdom established and growing.
Jonathan Mobey, 19/01/2014
A Call to Build the House of the Lord
In the first sermon in the sermon series on the book of Haggai Jonathan looks at the first chapter and the message it has for our churches of St. Matthew's and All Saints' today.
Jonathan Mobey, 12/01/2014