Reflective Spaces 2019 - Get Involved  

Pray-Hands-iStockIt's a fantastic privilege & opportunity to once again be able to take a reflective space into Harwell Primary School.

But as with everything - its success relies on lovely people like you to make it happen.

Prayer Spaces isn't involved or complex - it simply requires you to explain a prayer activity to groups of 4 or 5 children at a time and then simply help them to engage with it. What could be simpler, yet more rewarding?

We need 4 volunteers for each hour of the reflective space across the week. The minimum is an hour, and there's no maximum!

The school hasn't confirmed its timetable yet, but it's unlikely we'll be having sessions every hour of every day - but it's better to be over-prepared than under!

So, please let us know your availability using the form below.  Make sure you press "Send" at the bottom.

Thank you in advance


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Harwell Primary School :
 10th - 14th June

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12.00 (Lunch)*
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Sarah Barrett, 17/05/2019