Porch Project 

A New Inner Porch Door for St. Matthew’s Church Harwell

What is this all about?

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) proposes to replace the inner doors of the present church porch with a glass door. This has come about through a generous legacy. The executor of the legacy would like it to be used to give the porch more natural light and hence have a more welcoming appearance.

fig 4This fits with a number of advantages that the PCC would see coming from such a change:

  • It would create a contemporary and welcoming entrance to the church compatible with the historic architecture;
  • It would enable those approaching or passing the church to see into the back of the church (when the outer doors are open, as they are in daytime) without having to open a further door;
  • Welcomers at the back of the church during services could see people approaching the door;
  • It would increase the space around the font and nearby pillar, and allow more ready access to the south aisle and west end of the church.

The PCC would like to know what you think about the proposal described in more detail below: