John A Bakker 

Our churches have been supporting John for many years.   His own journey of faith has been remarkable and his ministry focuses on a variety of projects.   He has run ‘Fellowship for Neighbours India’ (FFNI), welcoming converts from other faiths to Christianity into their Houses of Hope, based in Assam and Vellore.

With a particular concern for Christian-centred education, John and his wife Lily have opened a Mission school at Jolarpet, (Tamil Nadu province), for underprivileged children, as well as a hostel for the children of missionaries.

Recently John has emailed notes of some progress concerning a Mini Conference Centre in the Yellagiri Hills, south of Vellore. This is a self-support scheme to “support church planters”.

Our Missions Team follows and prays for John’s work, for the safety of the children and staff, and supports his team through financial giving.

In his own words recently: “Our God is Great and able to provide our spiritual, mental, psychological and economic needs”.

See prayer letter April 2018 here.
Pam Rolls, 08/09/2014